All-in-One Communications

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iCloudConnect has the all-in-one, fully integrated voice, video, messaging, and collaboration solution that delivers far more than just a place to hold meetings. It’s a collaboration-first platform – fully loaded with high-quality and reliable features that revolutionize the entire video, meeting & collaboration experience.

All-in-one communications 2

iCloudConnect Outshines & Outperforms the Alternatives

iCloudConnect brings way more to the table than even the most well-known video solutions, seamlessly integrating high-quality voice, HD video, Chat & SMS, meetings, Rooms, and advanced collaboration features. All of this is combined in one easy-to-learn, easy-to-use tool conveniently enabled for Single-Sign-On and calendar integration with Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace.

iCloudConnect delivers delightful, high-value differentiators that far surpass alternative video offerings; here are a few examples to provide a glimpse into why you’re going to love iCloudConnect 7.0.

  • It’s designed as a collaboration-first solution, not a meeting-first product. iCloudConnect is a true collaboration space offering far superior collaboration capabilities when compared to point-solution apps that only provide a place to conduct meetings.
  • iCloudConnect revolutionizes the entire video & meeting experience. Innovative development and high-value built-in features eliminate widely tolerated flaws and glaring capability gaps associated with the alternatives.
  • Virtual video rooms, just like your office, are always “on” and always available.
  • iCloudConnect Rooms create highly personal, face-to-face interactions and nurture camaraderie whether working in the office or remotely. With features such as Lock & Knock and advanced admin/moderator controls, the entire Rooms experience can be controlled and enhanced with a simple click.
  • Private Sidebar Conversations w/ Audio & Video (in Meetings & Rooms)— An absolutely AWESOME way to maximize productivity and confidentiality during meetings and Working sessions.
  • Bookmarks— A true game-changer for meetings and Rooms collaboration, especially for single-screen users. Once you experience Bookmarks you won’t be able to live without it.
  • Lightboard aka “The Weatherperson Feature”— This is one of those cherry-on-top features customers will adore using. Using our advanced yet easy-to-learn Lightboard tool, meetings, and presentations come to life. Lightboard instantly elevates participant engagement and adds the kind of “wow” factor many organizations pay tens of thousands of dollars to obtain from complicated, hard-to-learn third-party tools.
  • Flexible Video Tiles & Layouts— Every user gets “the best seat in the house” with customizable layout preferences. Get enterprise-level “telepresence” but without the price tag (it’s included for free in every seat!).
All-in-one communications

iCloudConnect brings more to the table than any video solution to date.

By seamlessly integrating high-quality voice with video, virtual office tools, and intuitive collaboration features, the modern workforce now has the best of both worlds; exceptional productivity and high efficiency whether in the office or working remote.