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iCloudConnect SMS Text Messages Right From Our All-in-One Tool


Professional Text Messaging: An Essential Communication Channel for the Modern Workforce

More than ever before, customers are choosing to interact with businesses via text message — and employees are often responding to those texts via a personal number. With iCloudConnect SMS, employees can quickly and easily connect with customers at any time, from anywhere and on any device, all through our next-gen all-in-one voice, video, messaging, and collaboration solution and Unified Communications platform.

iCloudConnect SMS Features and Functionality

With iCloudConnect SMS, users can send 1-to-1 or group text messages (including images, video, and documents!) to customers and integrated contacts via iCloudConnect’s browser and mobile clients, allowing for quick, seamless business communications using the rapidly and increasingly preferred interaction channel. Texts come from a business number (even when sent from the user’s personal device), meaning personal information is protected, lines of communication remain consistent, and the company appears highly professional and polished at all times.

Phone numbers displayed in iCloudConnect are automatically replaced with known contact names within SMS conversations.

For easy identification, users can label their 1-to-1 or group conversations.

Messages can be searched by name, phone number, or conversation title.

Any number may be enabled for iCloudConnect SMS within iCloudConnect Automation Manager (iCAM), regardless of that number’s voice/data carrier.

Users can start a voice call with the participants of a conversation within the SMS message screen.

Unrecognized numbers can be quickly added to a user’s contact list.

Users can choose to opt-out of or mute a conversation at any time.

Individual messages are displayed with timestamps, message history, participant lists, delivery receipts, and new message line indicators.


Benefits of Professional Text Messaging

For Employees

iCloudConnect SMS enables coworkers, especially virtual or remote employees to remain connected to customers from virtually anywhere, increasing flexibility and efficiency within their organization. And should the employee leave the company, their communications remain routed to the company through their business phone number.

For Customers

Your customers’ lives are busier than ever, and expectations for fast responses and quick turnaround times are rapidly increasing. iCloudConnect SMS addresses the demand for instant customer service and allows customers to engage with the business through their preferred channel, whether that means via a voice call or text message.

Frequently Asked Questions About SMS

Yes, you can add up to 9 additional participants to an SMS conversation.

Yes, you can send images, video, and documents through iCloudConnect SMS.

Upon sending a message, a Delivered or Failed message will display underneath.

Simply hand out your number and you can start receiving texts within iCloudConnect.

While in iCloudConnect, you will receive in-app notifications, browser notifications and unread message counts.

Yes, while typing a message, click the smiley face emoji, and you can insert an emoji.

Voice to Text

Voice to Text: iCloudConnect Voice to Text

Automatic Visual Voicemail Transcription

Stay Connected to Important Messages, 24/7 (Without Logging Into Your Voicemail)

iCloudConnect’s Voice to Text solution leverages Google’s AI and machine learning capabilities to transcribe spoken words into written text automatically and without human interaction.

This allows businesses to have their voicemails automatically transcribed and sent to them via email, SMS, or iCloudConnect Mobile. This technology is ideal for busy professionals who can’t be accessible at a moment’s notice, are often in meetings, or in an environment where it’s not feasible to listen to messages in sequential order.

SMS & Voice to Text 2

What You Need to Know About Voice to Text Visual Voicemail

iCloudConnect’s Voice to Text solution allows users to have their voicemails automatically transcribed and sent to them via email, SMS, or iCloudConnect Mobile — saving them the time and frustration associated with having to log into their voicemail to check incoming messages.

Because who has time to check their voicemail? Your customers are very busy people, who are often juggling meetings, business obligations, and everyday life. iCloudConnect Voice to Text gives them the tools to take back their time and improve day‑to‑day efficiency.

Three Ways iCloudConnect Voice to Text Boosts Productivity

With iCloudConnect Voice to Text visual voicemail, employees can stay connected to the business on their schedule, from anywhere — all without needing to log into their voicemail whenever a new message comes through. This translates to greater flexibility from employees, fewer missed communications, and a mobile workforce that’s connected and engaged.

  • 1 Saves Time
    Navigating voicemail menus and listening to voicemails in order is a thing of the past. Busy professionals don’t have time to listen to every voicemail, and with Voice to Text, they can skip the voice messages they’re not interested in reading.
  • 2 Prioritization
    Voice to Text offers a practical, at-a-glance way to keep up with the messages that need attention. Users can quickly scan transcribed messages and address messages based on importance or time sensitivity.
  • 3 Information is Readily Available
    Users can efficiently hone in on specific transcribed messages to find exactly the information they need — from contact information, to payment details, to an address for their next meeting.

Voice to Text Use Cases: How Businesses Can Benefit from iCloudConnect Teams

Voice to Text is ideal for busy professionals who can’t be accessible at a moment’s notice, are often in meetings, or in an environment where it’s not feasible to listen to messages in sequential order. Users can review transcribed voice messages at a time and place that’s most convenient and can quickly hone in on specific messages.

  • Technicians

    Service technicians can quickly check incoming messages from customers and managers alike while on the field.

  • Remote Employees

    Staying connected to important communications is key for employees working from home — Voice to Text ensures important messages don’t get lost.

  • Managers

    Managers can review the latest updates from team members at a glance, whether they’re in a meeting or at home after hours.

  • CEOs

    Busy CEOs can send their calls to voicemail and easily review their incoming messages, allowing them to focus their time on important communications.